About the Gigi Blanki

the beginning of gigi

As an infant, my daughter Gabby was always soothed by soft blankets held up to her little cheek. But as I stepped further into my “mommy” role, I grew more and more frustrated with department store blankets that were too large! The color selection was limited—so forget about trying to match a blanket to any outfits; She tripped on them when she tried to carry them around; And let’s not even mention trying to stuff one into your diaper bag!

These frustrations led to the beginning of the “gigi blanki!”

With my Nana’s sewing machine, I used the most stylish and divine fabrics I could find to make “gigis” just the right size for Gabby’s little hands and tiny cheeks. She had one to match each outfit and they fit perfectly in my diaper bag and even my purse.

Almost immediately friends and family started asking about them and “placing orders!” Before long, I was making gigis to match Gabby’s outfits, and all my friends’ childrens’ outfits too. Since then, the word has spread. Gigi products continue to be handmade, so I can assure you of the quality of the material and the craftsmanship.

Items from our collection truly do make perfect baby shower and baby welcoming gifts. You will be pleased with how much your little angel adores their gigi.

Now that Gabby is older, and a big sister, she’s learning to share her gigis and uses them to cuddle with her little sister, Marilyn.